Tuesday, September 2, 2008

~ Prints ~

Hot air balloon prints, cake prints, botanical prints, animal prints ~ just prints in general fascinate me. Is it the detail of how the artist reveals their subject? Is it the delicacy of the simple line drawings? Is it the intimacy of the handwritten footnotes? I suppose all of these things come together and cast a spell over me.
FineRarePrints.com has a gorgeous collection of antique prints in all imaginable categories and they add to the collection frequently. They can also educate you on the difference between engraving and photogravure etching.A few years ago, my birth mom gifted me with Botanical Prints from the Hortus Eystettenisis but I have yet to be brave enough to rip the pages from the binding, frame them, and hang them on the wall for display. Occasionally, I open it and flip through. I suppose I should purchase another one. Then, I will have one book for the library and one book that can lend itself to my creative urges.
Captain Awesome, Scout (the boys) and I have read most of the Spiderwick Chronicles. In addition to the books, we also have Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide, which is a beautiful collection of all the mythical creatures (fairies, pixies, mermaids) in the SC. They have been illustrated similarly to that of botanical and animal prints ~ very well done. Since the boys are a little too old for these to be displayed in their room, I plan to select a few to display in Pippi's room. I think it will be a nice reminder when the boys see them ~ of the time that we spent together reading the SC ~ and a good way to introduce Pippi to the charming fantasy that exists in childhood. (Oh, and as far as the dread of ripping this book up, I definitely plan to purchase a 2nd one to keep whole)



ChefDruck said...

These are gorgeous. I love children's prints. My parents were fans of hunting prints - me not so much. Thanks for entering the contest at my blog and subscribing. Good luck!

ispeakbeanish said...

How beautiful these are! I love old prints and books like this. The butterfly on your header is gorgeous!

soleil said...

I like the fish print!!

Cathe Holden said...

Ooooh, Cake and Monograms! Two of my most favorite things!

Great post of magnif-art!