Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pippi Translated

If you hang around Pippi for a little while, you will see that she jabbers a lot in a language that sounds extremely foreign. If you listen carefully, however, you will hear bits of English coming through. But even those words require translation.

Boogie - any kind of bug; she does an excellent job of pointing them out!
But - belly button; she likes to show you hers
Flower - all green growing things, even trees
Hair Bow - anything that goes on the head, this includes helmets and giraffe horns
Hop Hop - bunnies and hamsters; the bunnies frequent the spot under the bird feeder and were named first, the hamsters were later given to the boys as a gift; they both look very soft ~ she just wants to squeeze 'em
Max - all dogs; one of our dogs is named Max ~ poor Max, he does get squeezed
Mommy - all adults
Mommy KaMommy - a special mommy name reserved just for me, thank you Pippi
Moan - cellphone; she likes electronics
Milk - all beverages, such as, milk, juice, pop, even mixed drinks; if we are out at dinner and I have a strawberry margarita, she just will not be content until the waiter brings her a virgin one ~ diva!
Nipe Nipe - Goodnight or going to sleep
Poo Poo Diaper, Oooo, Nasty - anything that is gross; this is apparently what she thinks when she looks at butterscotch delight
Up and Down - balloons, going upstairs, the trampoline
Watch - movie time

I don't know about you, but I can see the relation. Of course, all of these terms come with genuine tones and priceless expressions. Our exchange of important information is evolving ~ wonder what we will be talking about 10 years from now. Ummm, scratch that thought.

Sincerely, fro me to you.



We are THAT Family said...

Thank you. You just helped me communicate with my 21 mo old much better!

Tammy said...

How great that you have made a list of all that. I have a list SOMEWHERE of what words my kids were saying on their first b'day.

Hill upon Hill said...

Gorgeous. I love this age. Thankyou for visiting. I love your layout and header. The bin was a mail order here in Australia from Innovations.

Anonymous said...

I love how they have their own little language. That was the inspiration for my blog title. The Bean's babbling that we dubbed Beanish.

ChefDruck said...

Poo poo diaper oh nasty - that is HILARIOUS!

Muthering Heights said...

I LOVE her term for anything gross! Kid-language is a fascinating field of study...