Monday, September 1, 2008

Earthday III

Yesterday was Sunday, so lets make today Earthday!

Today, being Labor Day, it is probable that most of us will be throwing some hamburgers on the grill, tossing some pasta with olive oil and veggies, assembling a fruit salad, pouring an ice-cold-drink into a SOLO cup. EEEK! SOLO cup?!

Yes, I have these internal struggles with myself. What do I do if we are having lots of people over and I don't have enough glasses or plates to keep up with the lemonade or the butterscotch delight?! Not too mention the insane amount of dirty dishes that I would be sentenced to! And after lots of cleaning, planning and hosting, trust me, I am ready for something a little stronger than lemonade and a seat in that adirondack chair on the back porch. But SOLO cups and plates are environmentally irresponsible, I know.

But maybe not so irresponsible anymore, SOLO has introduced bare by SOLO. The bare product line consists of bamboo plates (bamboo is an annually renewable resource) and recycled cups (20% post-consumer recycled plastic). And because no artificial colors have been added, they have a neutral color scheme that goes with everything!

I think it's an improvement! What do you think?

Enjoy your Labor Day!



Cathe said...

I hate clean-up and these seem like the perfect semi-guilt-free solution! I didn’t know such things existed! Thanks.

Have a great Labor Day.

Ladibugg said...

The bare products seem like a good alternative but there are people like me who actually reuse our Solo cups . . sometimes several times before putting them into the recycle bin.