Monday, August 25, 2008

Earthday II

On this earthday, I vow to look for recycled/refurbished/reclaimed furniture when in the market for a new piece.

The glass-top table and the set of wooden chairs in our dining room were made from reclaimed materials and imported from Malaysia. The materials used have only slightly been modified from their original state.
The wood has a richness that can only be accomplished by time. Despite it's rugged appearance, the wood is smooth and almost creamy. It is as if 1,000 hands have rubbed across the surface.
This is surely a piece that will be passed down to younger generations and so the conversation around the dining room table will carry on.
Find recycled/refurbished/reclaimed furniture here:
Alan Vogel Time Warped Furniture | Whit McLeod| Teak Collection USA| Green Culture Furniture

If you have a vow for this Earthday or just have something to say, please post below!



Anonymous said...

How Beautiful!

Hill upon Hill said...

My I love old, wooden, used furniture. Checkout my "chuckout" post.