Friday, August 22, 2008

Country Estate I

This windy country road led us through a 95 acre farm in Middle Tennessee ~ where we found barns and sheds packed full of treasures that have been collected over many lifetimes...

an antique photo album

filled with photographs of loved ones from long ago

cobalt blue glasses and kitchen canisters

yellow dishes (my grandmother had the set of gold bowls with the yellow flowers)

rolling pins used for making tasty apple pies and fresh buttermilk biscuits

buttons saved in jars

books tagged with ribbons

many, many lanterns; they stopped counting at 300

quilts that have been lovingly worn and now carry a soft patina

a toy horse responsible for many giggles and much laughter

signs that have seen many summer rains

stencils for making signs (I picked these up, what should I do with these? do you think gift tags maybe?)

vintage postcards still bearing the messages that they were sent with so long ago

Scout and Pippi sit down for a little chat

gas cans and large metal tools (I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite pictures)

a trailer great for hayrides, just throw in a quilt and some pillows (we've had a couple of hayrides already)

a great cubbie (a cold glass of sweet ice tea would go great with the chairs)

mmmmm, an ice cream maker (my favorite homemade ice cream is banana, what is your favorite?)
the vast collection of tools makes the guys speechless

a small sample of the many fishing lures

an addresserette for printing addresses on envelopes (never seen one of these before)

an ideal stencil machine (nor had I seen one of these)

old american flags neatly tied and hung

and a brown leather saddle (no country estate would be complete without one)

As we looked, I don't think I had nostalgia, but I did feel a sense of shock, because some of these items had been a part of my life as a child and, at that moment, I realized that they weren't any longer.

But that is ok, we selected some different ones to take with us and be a part of our future ~my best boys are pictured above



Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful place to explore! Thanks for taking us on the tour with you. It was almost like I was there.

Anonymous said...

The ice cream maker, postcards and especially the vintage photo album looks real good despite.
The coverings of the photo album looks like wood? Is it?
Happy Weekend!!!

Hill upon Hill said...

Your photos are lovely. I would have had a great time there too.

Gregory in San Diego said...

Do you know the "name brand" of the ice cream maker?