Saturday, May 30, 2009

Southern Beauty for Sale

Just on the outside of the Murfreesboro city limits stands this Southern Beauty. I have admired her for a long time, but today was my opportunity to take a closer look. Because, today, under the canopies that have spanned for at least a hundred years and on a lawn that has been impressed upon by horse hooves, carriage wheels, laced boots, bare feet, high heels, flip flops and even Nike tennis shoes, was splayed a collection of wares for sale. And while the collection was new and modern, this homestead was rich with history and style that has graced these Southern soils for many a decade.

While I admire the architecture of the home, it is the design of the gardens that I am particularly interested in. You see, I cannot build a house, but I can plant a garden. Boxwoods line the reclaimed brick walk. Ferns grace antique iron urns, complete with pedestal. Impatiens gain footing at the base. By mid-summer, it will be as if the iron pieces are floating on clouds of pink and purple petals. These plantings will take the dog days of summer in stride, thanks to the expansive shade of the prestigious oaks.

While Pippi's treasure was a pristine Barbie doll that was still in the box, the treasure that I found was just in the ability to gaze upon and dream of a world that I had not quite experienced for myself. Really, in some ways, I think that what we found is actually the same thing.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Wish I could have checked it out too.