Friday, April 24, 2009

Earthday Celebration ~ 2009

In celebration of Earth Day, we went to Centennial Park in Nashville, TN. And as we strolled by the booths of earth friendly patriots, I couldn't help but be inspired at how we ~ the most destructive creatures on this planet ~ are working to change our habits and preserve the environment for all living things.

Green Home Practical Sustainable Design
Friendly Arctic Printing & Design

Friendly Arctic's shirts and prints were very appealing to me and many others.

Volkswagon Jetta TDI Clean Diesel

VerdeGoh & VerdeGoh General Store
VerdeGoh's electric cars offer clean transportation and freedom from the dependency on fossil fuels. The electric cars are considered to be town cars, because they go around 40 mph and their distance is limited because they are battery powered ~ these are huge pros when it comes to considering a car for Captain Awesome.

Kilowatt Ours

Smile Mommy ~ Nashville's Diaper Service

10 Ways to Save the World
Throughout the park, signs were posted with 1 to 10 ways to save the world. This one, in particular, spoke to me. I have been longing for a rain barrel for many a summer day. Most rains here, are torrential downpours and then nothing but hot, hot sun beating down ~ drying the earth until it cracks open. When the water bill comes, you would think that you are paying for liquid gold. For these reasons, and certainly many others, I long for a rain barrel. It is well overdue!

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Outside of Nashville, there is an elephant sanctuary that cares for retired or injured elephants. It is a fascinating place, in fact, you can take a peak for yourself with the Elecam. Pippi is very fond of elephants and wants to show her support, along with her support for the Sierra Club.

Baby Bear Shop ~ Organic

Creamy, dreamy butters and glosses ~ perfect for my baby's skin and my skin

The Green Wagon
A one stop shop for going green ~ the green wagon.

Sparkling Creek Farm
We had a taste of the organic oatmeal raisin cookies ~ yummy!

Extremely Fun and Fresh Exhibit
Pippi is serious about her investigation into the world of fresh water creatures. Magnifying glass and swishing stick in hand.
So being a crawdad automatically makes her a man?! Not so, this crawdaddy is carrying some crawbabies under the trunk. Congratulations crawmommy ~ wishing you and your babies many fresh and clean mud holes to live and grow in!

Gardens of Babylon
Organic gardening ~ ahhh, so lovely

Avalon Acres ~ Fresh, All Natural Poultry Products

Cool People Care & Cool Moms Care

Cool People Care and Cool Moms Care had set up a scavenger hunt, which was very simple and very rewarding. The hunt required that you take one Cool People Care or one Cool Moms Care card and visit 4 non-profit booths. At the booth, request that a star be placed in one of the four corners of your card. Then, return to the Cool Moms Care booth to collect treasures: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, Bubbles and this colorful and inspiring poster:

Today is a New day! You can wipe the slate clean & begin again. Today you can embrace kindness. Practice compassion. Stand up for justice. Talk to strangers. Ask for help. Offer hope. Listen with your whole heart. Work for the common good. Love well. You can be the change you wish to see in the world.

On our way out, we stopped by the pond in front of the Parthenon to see the geese. Some children saw us coming and quickly embraced kindness by offering Pippi a piece of their bread. Thank you, friends ~ you made our day even sweeter!


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I love that they shared bread with her so she could feed the geese. That was so sweet.