Monday, October 6, 2008

Earthday VIII

How I miss the days of composting! The satisfaction of not wasting good rich nutrients. The delight of harvesting rich black gold. The joy of watching the earth's bounty flourish from such a healthy diet. But now that we live in a more structured neighborhood, erecting a compost barn out of 4 reclaimed pallets would definitely land a cheerful little note from the homeowner's association in our mailbox! So, what is an earth-friendly gardener to do?

These products from Green Culture might be good solutions:
I like the idea of this Stainless Steel Compost Scrap Keeper. A stylish container for keeping eggshells, coffee grinds, and veggie scraps from smelling up the kitchen.
Also, at 40" high and 23" square, this compost bin is small enough to hide in between the house and the bushes. It is called the Outside Gourmet. Perhaps because it is preparing a fine meal for the garden!

Do you practice composting? What do you recommend?


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Casey said...

I recently got a Naturemill indoor composter, which allows me to compost inside my apartment. Right now there's a little smell - kind of like gerbils - but I think I just need to clean the thing out and start over. Generally there should only be a very slight odor. It's great for those of us who don't have land for a real composter!