Monday, September 15, 2008

J.C. Andersen - the Next Country Star

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who voted for J.C. Andersen as the Next GAC Star! Your votes moved him into 3rd place. He was a favorite of all the judges. Their comments included, 'You are a country star' and 'You've got this competition in your pocket'. So, of course, it was a little shocking when One Night Rodeo won. But, you know what, One Night Rodeo is a great group of guys that have been on the road for 15 years, performing their music at night and working for a living during the day. That's dedication!

Be sure that this is not the end for J.C., but only the beginning. And if you have the chance, go see him live ~ you won't be disappointed! Check here for tour dates.
This was my experience at this live tv event:
It was held at City Hall in downtown Nashville. All friends received a blue stamp on their arm and were escorted to their contestant's area, so all the J.C. family and friends were together, all the One Night Rodeo family & friends were together, and so on. Others received red stamps on their arms and were escorted to the back of the room. (That just sounds mean, doesn't it) The crowd had a little cheer rehearsal before going live, because the production crew needed to know how loud we could get. And throughout the show, during commercial breaks, we would be cheered on, 'good energy', 'you're doing great guys'. You know how it seems like there are tons of commercials when you are watching tv at home, well, it doesn't seem that way when you are on live tv. When at commercial, we would hear, 'ok, 2 minutes', 'ok, 14 seconds'. Nothing like trying to text a message during a crunch!

There is no air conditioning in City Hall because it is a historical building. The judges (Desmond Child, Victoria Shaw, and Jack Ingram) were seated high above the crowd ~ and you know heat rises, so they were fanning and blotting during the break. A girl fainted right in front of us during the announcement of the winner. Luckily, her friends caught her and were able to gently lay her down on the floor. We all backed away to give her room, which left a huge hole in the crowd front center stage. That created a little chaos. Thankfully, after a few minutes, she came to and was able to walk out of the crowd to get some fresh air. Then, confetti shot everywhere and it was a wrap!
Overall, the performances were heart-felt and powerful! Robin Meade and Mike Siegel were fabulous hosts! Robin was looking very pretty with her sparkly eyelashes and shimmery dress. Desmond, Victoria, and Jack were all looking very stylish and gave comments that seemed to be genuinely honest and provided great guidance to the performers. We had a wonderful time, cheered our little hearts out and were in need of some refreshment afterward! So, we hit the Flying Saucer for a seat, some drinks, chicken pesto pizza, and great conversation.

Watch the live finale here.


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