Monday, September 29, 2008

Earthday VII

I drink a lot of bottled water. Why, you ask? Why, when bottled water has been scientifically studied and the results show it has an almost identical makeup to tap water? Why, when teams of people have conducted taste tests, scoring various types of bottled waters and tap waters, cleansing their palette with wine in between each taste, only to come to the conclusion that just one person could identify the tap water and that, overall, the bottled waters tasted the same?

Here are the reasons that I drink bottled water:
1. I must be that one person who can tell the difference between tap water and bottled water. Tap water actually makes my stomach ache!
2. Our tap water does contain lime. It collects at the base of the faucets and on the shower heads. It can only be removed with lime-away. Our realtor stated that his doctor gave tap water as the reason for his kidney stone. Yikes! Kidney stone?
3. It is convenient. I always grap a few as I am heading out the door. We keep a large supply in the garage in our pantry area.
4. Bottled water always tastes good at room temperature, unlike soda pop, etc.
5. Bottled water certainly is healthier than soda pop, etc.

This is my concern:
Bottled water leaves behind a plastic shell. We have been improving our recycling habits, but isn't there a better way?Would it be better if I purchased water bottles ~ one for each family member? Then, to fill the water bottles, if I purchased filtered water from the local grocer. You know, one of those large 5 gallon bottles with the tap for easy dispensing?

What is your source for drinking water? Do you have any recommendations?


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Anonymous said...

We use a Berkey water filter. It doesn't require power of any kind and the filters last a LONG time. Basically, you could put ditch water in it and get potable water coming out. The taste is wonderful.

I got a Sigg water bottle and refil it from my Berkey water filter all the time. It's a bit of an investment on the front end, but more than pays for itself.