Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silent Auction & Sweet Wishes for NieNie

Today, we start a silent auction, which is dedicated to Stephanie & Christian Nielson (pictured above with their children), who were severley burned in a private plane accident. Christian sustained burns to 30% of his body and sweet Stephanie sustained burns to 80% of her body. Both Christian and Stephanie are in stable but critical condition and will require months of care to allow their bodies to heal. While their family cares for their children and watch over their recovery, they sleep in a chemical induced coma and everyone dreams of when they can hug, kiss, laugh, and just be together again.

Item up for Auction:
$35 bandVillage gift certificate

With this gift certificate you can purchase any 2 cds for around $15 and cover shipping charges or purchase any amount of cds for any $ amount and cover $35 of the cost.

CDs that I think you might like:
Dreamland CDs by Putumayo - these are wonderful for lulling your little ones to sleep or for softening the mood during quiet time

Playground CDs by Putumayo - playtime should be fun and nothing sets the mood like these playful songs from artists all around the world

Or, search for a cd of your choice!


Payment is to be made to Stephanie & Christian's PayPal Account. This information will be provided to the winning bidder.

Receiving the Auction Item:
The winning bidder will receive their $35 bandVillage gift certificate code in their email to be used at any time for a $35 purchase at

Place your best bid in the comments section ~ it is for such a good cause! Then, go give kisses & hugs to those near and dear to your heart!

If you would like to learn more about Stephanie (NieNie) & Christian and keep posted on their recovery, go here: blog.cjanerun.comor here:

Much thanks to DesignMom, who organized this most compassionate, lovely, and worthy auction!



xoBeau said...

Bidding starts at just $10!

Ferjenib said...

Let's go for $20

Aimee said...

$25, theupperhandfam(at)gmail(dot)com

Meredith Bandy said...

Is it over yet? I'll bid $30.