Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Favorite Garden Additions

This year, we made many additions to the garden, planting some blue point junipers, red sunset maples, crimson king maples, green velvet boxwoods, midnight blue agapanthus, ligustrums, and a bonanza patio peach (for Captain Awesome). They are all growing merrily and I trust that they will grow stronger and more beautiful each year.

However, my favorite additions to the garden are:

Dwarf Katie Ruellia - blooms every morning with fresh purple blooms; wonderful dark green texture; forms nice clump; grown by monrovia

Blue Star Creeper - small groundcover with dark green foliage and teeny tiny blue flowers; spreads gently

Rock path - made from rock that we pulled from our creek bed

The katie ruellia, blue star creeper and rocks work great together!


ispeakbeanish said...

Oh, it looks so restful. I'd love to sit out there and listen to the wind.

Leslie said...

Beautiful! Your photos are so fresh and colorful. I love the look of your garden!